Always remember we are under the same sky, looking at the same moon.

~ Maxine Lee
We've been blaming the moon for our moods, accidents and even natural disasters for centuries. Recent research tells us that we have it all wrong! The moon actually impacts our sleep.

Scientists at the University of Washington, the National University of Quilmes in Argentina and Yale University recently revealed that human sleep cycles oscillate during the 29.5-day lunar cycle.

"In the days leading up to a full moon, people go to sleep later in the evening and sleep for shorter periods of time."

Researchers studied people from Indigenous communities in northern Argentina to college students in Seattle. They saw the oscillations regardless of an individual's access to electricity.

The pattern may indicate that our natural circadian rhythms are somehow synchronized with -- or entrained to -- the phases of the lunar cycle.

In the evenings leading up to the full moon (when participants slept the least and went to bed the latest), there is more natural light available after dusk. The moon is increasingly brighter as it progresses toward a full moon, and generally rises in the late afternoon or early evening, placing it high in the sky during the evening after sunset.

The latter half of the full moon phase also gives off significant light, but in the middle of the night, since the moon rises so late in the evening during this portion of the lunar cycle. Researchers went on to theorize that this is an adaption that allowed our ancestors to take advantage of this natural source of evening light that occurred at a specific time during the lunar cycle.

This may also explain why access to electricity causes pronounced changes in our sleep patterns. Artificial light disrupts our circadian clocks. It makes us go to sleep later and it makes us sleep less.

The moon's magic comes from her phases, her monthly cycle, as well as the waxing and waning of life itself. Practicing moon magic means attuning to nature and your natural rhythms and aligning to the energies of the moon's powerful phases.

Moon Power

The Reinvention System™

We'll utilize the power of an entire moon cycle to reclaim our celestial energies and reprogram our neurobiology. You can pick any moon cycle and I recommend starting on the new moon. As you get started, we'll welcome the new moon and set our sleep dreams. Creating a bedroom sanctuary that fosters a deep relationship with your bed and it's magical power, will support safe sleep.

Learn to master your sleep needs as we go through the lessons and learn how to navigate your daily and monthly energy fluctuations.

We'll also use the energy of the full moon and its energies to keep moving us through the process. We'll release what isn't working anymore and deliberately sculpt something that does!